Artillery Hall

NavGridv01 08The Museum's Artillery Hall features a wide range of cannons, howitzers, and mortars that have played a vital role in South Carolina's military history. For example, Artillery Hall is home to "Boots", a 6 pounder field gun used by the 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Originally pulled by oxen, Boots is a local celebrity as it has been deployed and fired numerous times for various "Rev War" reenactments. In fact, Boots has traveled throughout the southeast and participated in such historical battles as Yorktown, Camden, and Guildford's Courthouse.



Artillery Hall is also home, however, to a mock-up of the crucial and famous "Battle of Charleston Harbor." There, Colonel William Moultrie defeated the British thanks to the now legendary Sabal Palmetto logs whose spongy core literally absorbed and rendered useless any and all enemy shot. This display includes a 9 Pounder Gunnade and a 6 Pounder Fortress Gun, each of which would have been used by Moultrie to repel the British invasion.

Battle of Charleston

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