Revolutionary War

NavGridv01 02It has been said South Carolina was the bloodiest battleground of the American Revolution. Indeed, the colony and especially the strategic port of Charles Town (Charleston) were major keys to the British's southern strategy. Despite Colonel William Moultrie's miraculous defense of Charles Town Harbor in 1776, the Redcoats eventually seized the port city and later South Carolina itself. They were harassed, however, every step of the way by such South Carolina legends as Francis "The Swamp Fox" Marion and Thomas "The Gamecock" Sumter, both early pioneers of irregular and guerilla warfare.

Via an impressive collection of authentic firearms, edged weapons, and other period artifacts, the Museum brings this monumental time in South Carolina (and American) history to life. Featured among these artifacts is a "Fowler" hunting rifle used by many South Carolina militiamen, the famous "Brown Bess" British musket, and a collection of trench pikes carried by foot soldiers to repel cavalry attacks. The exhibit also tells the true story of South Carolina's State flag (hint: that's not a crescent moon!), and recognizes the little known Oscar Marion as one of South Carolina's and America's true African-American patriots.

Rev War

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